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Boundary Wall Services Residential & Commercial

The Build Guy specialize in boundary wall services this can include construction and painting of your choice, the full boundary wall, retaining wall and party walls, if required. The vast choice of options available ensures your new boundary wall construction will be unique.

The boundary wall is an essential part of your home and because we know how important your wall is, we work in a timely manner to ensure the absolute minimum of inconvenience.

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The Build Guy’s are specialists in the design and construction of all types, and styles of quality walls.


Damp Problems

The greatest enemy of these walls is damp, which can penetrate into the wall from below, above and from the sides of the walls.

Boundary Wall Construction


In today’s society, a boundary wall is a standard addition to one’s property. It creates a barrier between you and your family and the threats of the outside world. A well designed boundary wall not only protects you and your family, but can improve the value of your property from a security point of view as well as a aesthetic or design point of view. Some home’s boundary walls are grand and beautifully designed. It is one of the few security features that can also look good!

Boundary Wall Paint


Professional painting contractor doing house wall damp proofing and wall painting for homes, offices, complexes in and around Johannesburg

As a painting contractor doing house wall damp proofing, we do internal and external house wall damp proofing and wall painting for buildings and boundary walls.

We have put together a painting process below showcasing the cleaning, preparation and steps included in the damp proofing process for house walls and boundary walls .

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