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As our primary goal is customer satisfaction, when any issues arise, we are fully committed to resolving them to your satisfaction. Construction complications on any job may occur, but the fact is we resolve these issues quickly, as our reputation speaks for itself. At The Build Guy, we install every pavement and masonry job as if it was our own property.

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The Build Guy strives to provide paved surfaces that enhances the beauty of your property and offers routine maintenance and repair services that extend the life expectancy of the pavement.


Masonry Paving

The Build Guy offers a wide range of masonry work. We regularly include Belgium block borders, and interlocking paving stones into our designs for walkways, patio, aprons and stoops. These works are a major part of our business. However, it is recommended for the homeowner to go directly to the stone facility themselves to actually see the stone style and colours that are available. We work with a variety of vendors so one will be nearby in every area that we service.
Masonary Paving

Commercial Paving


New commercial asphalt paving, parking lot repair, and resurfacing is typically required after 15 to 20 years of pavement age. A well-maintained parking lot and drive area is an important factor in your company’s overall image. Hundreds, or thousands of vehicles drive by your building or park there every day, and the condition of your paving or parking lot reflects on your overall image and business.

Commercial Paving



Kerbs can be used in a variety of applications. One of the uses is as barrier kerbs to secure roadways and prevent vehicles from travelling into or onto barricaded sections.

Another use is to demarcate sections or different road surfaces, often in the form of “flush” kerbs or edge beams.

Wet-pressed kerbs are very popular, as their quality is very consistent and they can be produced in large quantities.


Retaining Wall Blocks & CRB's


Retaining wall blocks (CRB) are modular concrete units that are placed individually to form a retaining wall structure.

CRB units can be laid at angles ranging from 70 to 90 degrees, and typical applications include embankments, attenuation ponds, and cut slopes.

Retaining Wall Blocks & CRB's

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