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The Build Guy specialize in tiling contracts for the Commercial tiling and Residential Industries combined. We are flexible enough to deliver small, medium, and large contracts on time and to a quality standard in accordance with South African standards. We are well known in Pretoria and in Gauteng, tiling jobs depends on contracts so if you are looking for domestic or commercial tiling contractors please contact us for more info.


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Our Tiling contractors are licensed and to work in remodeling, renovation, and restoration projects. The Build Guy’s tiling contractors can install floors, walls and a variety of wood flooring as well.


Floor & Wall


People turn to floor and wall tiling for a multitude of reasons. Whether you are looking to renovate a kitchen, a hallway, a bathroom, or you simply want to add a bit of detail to some space in your home, tiling is by far the greatest choice you can come up with.

When it comes to domestic tiling, you can opt for different styles such as using tiles in conjunction with paint or wallpaper or simply covering an entire surface. However, no matter which design is your preferred one, you need a handy professional to achieve the results you are looking for.



There’s no better place to take a breather after a long and tiring day of work than inside a soothing bubble bath in your sleek, new bathroom, wishing you could stay in it forever. But what if your dream bathroom is still just a dream? This is where The Build Guy comes in, Pretoria’s bathroom and shower cabin tiling experts, able and willing to turn it into reality. Impressing your guests can’t be any easier than with a bathroom that’s tiled from the floor to the ceiling.



A fantastic way of decorating your home is by using tiles. The kitchen area is one of those rooms for which tiling really is the best choice. It comes in all materials, sizes and colours, so you won’t have to compromise your interior design for the practicality of tile decoration.

Design wise, you can go a variety of paths. Whether you want a minimalist look, a contemporary style or a traditional approach, your home interior will be what you wish it to be as you can get as creative as you want by using tiles. Grant your kitchen perfectly balanced proportions and clean lines, a unique blend of colours, freedom, a modern, individual and homely feel or even classic shapes, distinctive flair and style with a highly accurate attention to detail.


Restaurants and Bars


If you’re looking to open a new restaurant or bar or just overhaul the look of an existing one, make a notable first impression by using superior tiles and installation services.  You can get the latter from The Build Guy, a capable tiling contractor, which has similar projects throughout Pretoria and its surroundings.

The perfect tiling material for a restaurant or bar has to be water and stain resistant, highly durable and very easily cleaned. Along with that, it also has to appeal to clients, who are becoming more and more demanding about a venue’s décor, both interior and exterior.

Restaurants and Bars

External Tiling


Who said tiling was just for indoor spaces? You can also tile outdoors and beautify your doorstep, porches and patios.

However, external tiling doesn’t stop at pavements. Tiled exterior walls are known to make a powerful first impression. A well-executed exterior tiling can definitely finish off a garden or patio, welcome guests to a home or beckon customers to a business. The best choice for exterior walls would be a easy to maintain, durable material with low porosity.

External Tiling



If the wall and floor tiles in your office building requires fixing or a complete overhaul, The Build Guy is an expert tiling contractor, with the ability to do an impeccable job, even with the most complex projects.

            When choosing tiles for an office environment, it’s best not to get the ones you would normally get for your home. The first thing you need to do is to analyze the environment of the workplace. If it’s a corporate environment, the tiles need to provide the least amount of distraction to your employees, so they can properly concentrate on their work.



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