Bathroom Planning Quote

Bathroom Planning Questionnaire
1. The new bathroom is best described as a ...
2. What activities will take place in the bathroom?
3. What is your overall decorating theme?
4. Preferred bathroom fittings supply? (faucet/shower)
5. What type of alteration have you decided on?
 1. Are you going to keep your existing bathtub?
2. What is your preferred bathtub style?
3. What is your preferred bathtub material?
4. What material do you prefer for protecting the wall above the tub?
5. For splash protection, do you prefer...
1. What is your preferred shower wall material?
2. Does the shower need to be curbless for wheelchair access?
3. For shower splash protection, do you prefer...
4 What type of shower floor would you prefer?
1. Are you going to keep your existing basin(s)? *
2. Are you going to keep your toilet?
3. What is your preferred sink style?
1. Is your current bathroom storage adequate?
3. Do you want to add any of the following?
1. Are you going to keep your existing flooring?
2. Select your flooring preference *
1. Window Placements
2. Window Type
3. Window Colour
1. Do you need a new ceiling?
2.1 Type of ceiling?
3. Must the ceiling be painted?
4. Ceiling Cornice
1. Electrical Fittings
1. Basin Plumbing
2 Basin Taps
3. Bath Plumbing
4 Bath Taps & Spouts
5. Shower Plumbing
6 Shower Heads, Arms, Columns
2. When do you plan on remodeling?