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Bathroom Renovation Services Residential & Commercial

The Build Guy specialize in bathroom installation services this can include flooring and tiling of your choice, the full bathroom suite, power shower and heated towel rails, if required. The vast choice of options available ensures your new bathroom installation will be unique.

The bathroom is an essential part of your home and because we know how important your bathroom is, we work in a timely manner to ensure the absolute minimum of inconvenience.

Bathroom Renovation Services

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The Build Guy’s are specialists in the design and installation of all types, and styles of quality bathrooms.


Bathroom Design


If you need help or advice with selecting a bathroom or you require a full design service, talk to us about the many options available. Bathroom suites come in all shapes and sizes and with many colour options too. A spa bath and power shower are also choices you might want to consider. Whatever your requirements might be, we can deliver on both quality and value.

Your new bathroom is limited only by your imagination.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Instillation


Our highly experienced team of professional bathroom installers work together very effectively, to ensure a swift and trouble-free installation. Every aspect of your new bathroom fitting will be carefully planned, in advance, so that each trade can follow on without delay. A completely new, clean and tidy bathroom could be yours within a matter of weeks. All work is fully guaranteed.

We also create wet rooms and shower rooms.


Bathroom Instillation

Bathroom Renovation Costs


Here’s the bathroom cost breakdown where you should base your approach from:

1. Plumbing Costs – Water supply, heating and drain pipes

2. Electrical Costs – Wiring, lighting and ventilation

3. Bathroom fittings – Fixtures like bath, taps, toilet, shower, and storage

4. Floor & Walls – Tiles, paints or the cheap tile-alternative, the wall panel

5. Labour – For preparation and installation

Bathroom Renovation Costs

Plumbing Installation


Whether you’re able to do it yourself or need to use professionals one thing we would recommend is planning the plumbing layout for your bathroom renovation. This is a efficient and practical way of reducing your overall costs.

It’s always a good idea to use the existing plumbing wherever possible. Moving the toilet, for example, can escalate your bathroom renovation cost more than you might think. Removing a current water supply and drain pipes requires skilled labour and means breaking into a lot of walls and even floors. The same can be said for showers, basins, and baths.

Plumbing Installation

Electrical Costs


The price for electrical wiring alterations can be kept to a minimum, depending mostly on the fixtures that you choose. A luxury bath or shower can require additional electrical wiring if they use a pump.

Here is a quick list of factors worth considering when calculating the electricity cost for a bathroom renovation:

  • Lighting
  • Ventilation Fans
  • Power Outlets
  • Bathroom Circuits
Electrical Costs

Bathroom Walls


Bathroom tiles or wall cladding make a considerable difference to the look and practicality of a bathroom. When estimating the cost of tiling your bathroom, you also need to factor in the value of the tile adhesive, grouting, and the ply underneath floor tiles.

Bathroom Walls

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