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Is your house looking a little worse for the wear? Are you starting to think about moving? Your new house may be hidden right before your very eyes. The design and construction team at The Build Guy, specialize in whole house renovations. More than just cosmetic upgrades, a whole house renovation can completely transform a house both inside and out!

Some people love older homes because they have a unique character and a level of detail you rarely find in new construction. But they may have some shortcomings as well. We can help you develop a strategy to address your home’s flaws while preserving and enhancing its best features.

House Renovation

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Others may prefer newer construction homes because of their casual style and open plans. However newer homes often lack the craftsmanship and charm found in an older home. Believe it or not, some newer homes are “too open.” Our team can work with you to create one-of-a-kind details that add definition to your open plan.


Open Plan


Many area homes are quite compartmentalized, lacking the openness and multi-use space popular with today’s lifestyle. Let the team at The Build Guy show you how to remove unnecessary walls within your home to transform its function and flow. On top of that, our design staff will help tailor the scale, proportion and finish of each room to suit your every need.

But why is an open plan so appealing? We all lead busy lives with a never-ending list of commitments and activities, so the ability to multitask is key. Whether helping with a school project while you are preparing dinner, or watching the big game while paying household bills, an open plan gives you flexible space that’s adaptable to the changing needs of your family.


Open Spaces Renovations



Have you ever visited a home and immediately felt like it perfectly fit its owner? Home customization is a great way to put your own unique stamp on your living space. Are you a collector or reader? Do you love color or bold patterns? Highlighting the elements of your life and family that are most important will make your house special.

  • Carve out space for a wine cellar or library nook.
  • Install custom built-ins in the family room to display the treasures of your travels.
  • Add a wet bar if you love to entertain.
  • Build a screen porch to expand your living space into the outdoors.

These are but a few of the many options that can be explored when customizing your home.

Clients engage The Build Guy because we add a level of detail and service you won’t find anywhere else. Our collaborative process focuses on every detail to ensure your house fits you perfectly.

Customization Renovation

Unified Aesthetic


A lot of homes have plenty of space but suffer from a lack of cohesion. A jumble of different architectural styles and competing aesthetics can fracture a home into a collection of rooms unrelated to one another. In this instance, less really is more.

A whole house renovation can reconnect your home without making major changes to the footprint. Developing a common language with trim details and millwork is often a good place to start. Finish materials and color can also play a key role in defining a unified aesthetic throughout your home.

No matter what your style, the staff at The Build Guy can transform your home into an artful expression of you.


Unified Aesthetic

Express Your Style on the Outside


The outside of your home is just as important as its inside. Some might refer to this as curb appeal, but it’s really much more than that.

When you drive up to your home do you feel welcome? What is the entry sequence for family and guests? Is it a pleasant experience, or not? Our mood is dramatically affected by the environment around us, and a whole house renovation can turn a drab exterior into an inspiring event you get to enjoy coming home to every day.


Express Your Style on the Outside



We are all living longer so health and quality of life as we age is an important factor to consider when remodeling your home. We love our homes and want to live independently within them for as long as we possibly can.

Ground-level bedrooms and bathrooms are a great way to incorporate an “age in place” strategy into your home. First-floor sleeping quarters remove the need to maneuver up and down stairs on a daily basis. A full bathroom can incorporate universal design principles that don’t sacrifice beauty for function, but marry the two into a space that works for any age or ability.

In an era where we see a rise in multi-generational homes, an addition like this can also allow you to care for a relative or parent.



Braai Patio's


Braai Patio’s is a great addition to any home, and a Pergola look is a popular option throughout Pretoria. With hot and humid summers and an abundance of mosquitos, a Braai Patio is a great way to expand your living space with an environment protected from the elements that can be enjoyed almost year round.

One additional benefit of a Braai Patio is, that the whole family can enjoy a LEKKER braai after Rugby games.

Braai Patio

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